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Volunteer Schedule

Racing Fleet

Hauling for the Solings begins April 16th.

Boats will be out of the water for 2 weeks, giving each crew 3 weekends to complete the task of fixing and painting the boats.

Maintenance crews will work in parties of 3 and are responsible for maintaining the schedule. If a crew member cannot make it on certain days they may ask other members for help.

Tasks include:

  • pre-hauling inspection
  • providing the appropriate committee (racing or cruising) with a parts list and alerting of any major work items (fiberglassing, wood work etc.)
  • sailing the boat to Liberty Landing for hauling
  • repairing and painting

Check the documents section for maintenance guides.


Soling 2 - April 16th to May 1st
- Naved
- Heidi
- Helena

Soling 3 - May 7th to May 22st
- Sacha
- Tom
- Winifred

Soling 1 - May 28th to June 12th
- Phillip
- Jen
- Marcelo

Soling 4 - June 18th to July 3rd

Soling 5 - July 10th to July 24th

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